January 5, 2019
April 23, 2019

Dr Jacqueline Bamfo – The Aster Baby Scan Clinic

The clinic aims to provide affordable expert pregnancy scans to women in Bedfordshire and Beyond. Dr Bamfo believes in compassionately supporting parents through their pregnancy journey’s and also provide expert pregnancy scans that give parents the peace of mind about their pregnancies.

The clinic offers private 2D, 3D and 4D High Definition (HD) live Baby Scans and Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing with the Harmony test and Iona test. The clinic also aims to be a source of support and advice for parents with pregnancy advice which will be given from an experienced team.  Most women are limited to 2 scans during their pregnancies in the NHS in a low-risk pregnancy. Women with enhanced risks may get more. We find that women do ask for more and the private pregnancy scans do serve as an additional wraparound reassurance for many women. The scans we perform include the early pregnancy scans, which gives an indication of how far along the pregnancy is. We do the gender or sexing scan which can let you in on the secret if the baby is a baby girl or baby boy. For parents to be that can’t wait to see who the baby will look like, we offer amazing and realistic 3D and 4 D scans, where you can see the baby smile, and make interesting facial expressions.

The Aster Baby Scan Clinic is different from many other baby scan clinics because it is run by a Consultant Specialist. Dr Bamfo is the Lead for Fetal Medicine and Antenatal Screening in her NHS Trust.  Dr Bamfo specialises in scanning unborn babies where there has been a concern during the pregnancy and provides prenatal diagnosis as part of her specialist Fetal Medicine clinics.  She also runs a pre-term birth screening service.  Dr Bamfo is a graduate from Imperial College School of Medicine. She did her specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in London and Manchester and worked at prestigious hospitals such as Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea, Royal Free, Barnet, University College and Kings College, London during her training. The team is completed by senior midwives that provide support from a lifetime of experience delivering women. The team is really current and bases all advice on the latest evidence-based information and research.

The pregnancy scans at The Aster Baby Scan Clinic are unique in that parents having a scan will be given printed photos and most impressively digital clips of the baby which can be sent to the smartphone instantly. This is unique and the technology is only offered by this clinic in Bedfordshire as far as we are aware.

The clinic also offers screenings for Group B Streptococcus, a bacterial infection that can cause problems for neonates.  The clinic offers an antenatal & birth preparation class “Bump and Birth Journey” for parents to be. The clinic has a complementary Fertility and Maternity Reflexology service that provides support and relaxation during this important time.

The clinic is located at the Health and Wellbeing Suite within the award-winning Priory View development. This is a modern development that was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh in April 2017.  It is an amazing building and is worth visiting because of the fantastic facilities including the Manuka Tree Bistro. 

The clinic offers luxury private pregnancy scans at an affordable price. “We are all parents and have been through our own birth journeys and provide realistic advice as maternity healthcare providers and also as parents.

To find out more about The Aster Baby Scan Clinic, be sure you have a look at their website 

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