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August 29, 2018
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September 10, 2018

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Beer Choice

For me, an avid beer lover, Beerfly truly is my answer to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, with hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of beers to choose from, this has to be arguably the best new addition to Bedford!

Described as ‘the fly on the wall in a modern world of beer’ the shop has only been open for a month or so and it’s already becoming the talk of the town – once you’ve been in, you’ll see why! 

Step inside and you’re greeted with a welcoming smile and a helping hand to guide you through this rapidly growing world of beers, ales, lagers and ciders. Behind the counter, you’ll find five or six different beers on tap that you can taste whilst you shop – obviously, I couldn’t resist and had my first taste of an IPL (Indian Pale Lager), and for just £1.50 for a 1/3 pint, this was a really nice and inexpensive way to discover a beer – after all, there’s nothing worse than buying a box of beer that you end up disliking, right? 

Whilst I tasted this new style, which I now know I like, I chatted to the assistant manager, Wes about the shop and the everlasting fridge of beers behind me. He offered some fantastic insights into the shop’s ideas and direction as well making some recommendations on beers which I may like based on what I usually drink (I promise I’m not an alcoholic). The fridge was a real ‘world tour’ of beer, with plenty of local (including Brewery Z from Bedford) and UK as well as European and American beers to choose from. 

You could easily get lost in what to choose, so the friendly and very knowledgeable staff were on hand to make suggestions, and I walked away (happily), with three beers I just wanted to get home and taste, I chose: 

Wonder Beers - Beerfly

MK67 Lager

This is brewed locally in Milton Keynes by Concrete Cow. 

Beatnik Pale Ale

Brewed by Gipsy Hill in London.

Thai Pale Ale

I was fascinated by the Thai influence and it’s brewed by Three Hills Brewing just across the border in Northants. 


You’ll have to wait to see how they tasted as I am currently writing this on a school night, however, I would urge you to pop down to Beerfly and try something new, or if you know a beer lover with a birthday coming up, why not get a mixed gift box? It is truly a golden ticket! 

You can find all you need to know about Beerfly here:

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