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August 1, 2018
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Best places to grab a cocktail (or two) in Bedford

As a homegrown Bedford lad, I love nothing more than finding the real hidden gems that are dotted all around this small but vibrant town. Yes, I admit, I love the odd alcoholic beverage as much as the next person and whilst I don’t condone drinking too many of these delicious tipples, there are some fantastic cocktail bars in Bedford where you can confidently spend your hard earned cash. Not only am I comparing the taste & quality of these beverages but also the atmosphere and all-around buzz that really add to the experience. In no particular order, here are my top 3.

The Auction Room

Absolutely love this place.  Located on Duke Street, they have managed to get the decor spot on, the music always seems to put a smile on your face and the staff are friendly and helpful. What more could you want…? Oh yes, a cocktail of course. I’d recommend a “P*rnstar Martini”, this can be a little pricey especially if you are buying more than one, but well worth the investment and the headache the following morning.


Located on the new Riverside Build this is definitely the new kid on the block – Toast has is a cosy establishment that will really give you a unique an almost exclusive experience every time you visit. The staff really look after you here and your overall experience is at the top of their priorities. I almost get a 1920’s vibe every time I come here because of how the staff dress and the rustic feel of the whole environment. This place offers an array of delicious cocktails and it’s hard to choose, but if I had to go with one then it would have to be a “Graces Secret”.

Bears and Tales

The reviews for this place speak for itself and if you want to have a drink their then you’ll find them on St Cuthberts Street. Not only are the cocktails sublime, but they are also visual works of art. Every small detail is focused on and it’s just a very special environment to be a part of. What also makes Bears and Tales a real gem is they often host live music sessions from the likes of “The Wholls” and “Sara Music”! So what cocktail should you try when you visit? It’s got to be their summer favourite “The B&T Spritz”.


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