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Bedford’s best burger


I certainly relished this opportunity to try and discover Bedford’s best burger and with ketchup still dripping down my chin, it’s fair to say, I found it!

Much to my personal trainer’s disgust, I have been wondering around Bedford this past week or so looking for Bedford’s best burger, wondering who really puts the best meat between a pun, I mean bun, who really pickles my gherkin, without being too cheesy! There are two places sitting at the top for me…

I started out trying GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) over at the new Riverside development, choosing their Avo Bacon Burger. This juicy burger is as close to a healthy burger as I am ever going to get. Smashed avocado and crispy bacon topped with a melt in your mouth beef patty. Unfortunately for me, the downfall came when I couldn’t get the whole thing in my mouth (surprisingly for some I know!), having to do some repair work to the burger throughout the meal.

That being said, the wide choice on their menu would keep most people happy (even the vegetarians and vegans among us), the atmosphere was fab and even though this is a chain, I wasn’t put off by any big-dog corporate ideas.

A few days later, it was over to one of my favourite areas in Bedford, St Cuthbert’s street to try Herd – you’ve Herd about it right? (Sorry, I had to include this one!).

Herd Bedford

from Herd’s Facebook Page

This place was pretty much onto a winner from the moment I walked in, they mix great burgers with great beer! You just need to check out my last post to see how much I enjoy craft beers too. 

Herd is a maze of small rooms that are almost industrial styled but have this warm feeling that you’re in a place that really cares about what they’re doing. I decided upon a classic, the cheeseburger, nothing to hide and my concerns were put to rest when I sliced through the burger and saw the juices flowing from the centre of this masterpiece. The warm feeling that I got when I walked in, now continued in the flavour bomb within this burger.

Where GBK seems to rely on flavour combo’s, Herd just strips it all back and relies on awesome Aberdeen Angus and almost buttery cheese. The chips are just as well looked after (oh and did I mention I added some onion rings?) and the beer, although a little pricey didn’t spoil anything at all.

The final verdict

For me, you’ve got to make the choice, do you want a big menu where the toppings make the burger and which will help keep all the family happy, or do you want to try a ‘true’ burger which is stripped back and packs the perfect punch? 

GBK will certainly give you the variety you would expect from a chain, still giving your a pretty decent burger. 

Herd will give that mouth-watering burger that you’ve been dreaming of having since you were kid but with a smaller menu. 

If you were to ask me which one I would go back to straightaway? Sorry GBK, but it’s Herd. It’s all about the flavour and I am not too keen to try things, in my opinion, that draw away from the burger itself. 


I would love to hear your opinions, whether you think you’ve tried a better burger in Bedford or whether you would prefer GBK over Herd – comment below with what you think! Please, no one say McDonald’s though… 

You can find everything you need to know about each place here: 

GBK Bedford




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