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Bedford Buzz

Stuck for a way to share our love for un-bee-lievably great local businesses in Bedford, Bedford Buzz has been set up to help support the local area....and did we mention we love honey.

We know the humble bee is the key for human survival but, alarmingly, it is reported that the bee population is down by an estimated 90%. So everything we do will hopefully support and raise awareness for bees! Not too shab-bee...

Come and join us on our journey, and help us create a hive of activity!

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Social Media & Brand Awareness


Our Valued Contributors

Paul Dunwell


Copywriter, Author

Paul originally trained as an infantryman then a teacher. He was perhaps the UK’s youngest lecturer and assistant examiner, and taught for almost a decade before moving into Swiss-based commerce then international market intelligence. He’s been a copywriter for almost 30 years. Educated to master’s level twice, he writes for almost every purpose and kind of client imaginable.

Chris Wright


Digital Marketing & Brand-Awareness

Over 15 years of experience assisting companies of all sizes to increase their brand awareness. Broad depth of knowledge on all things digital with a specialist interest In the science of search engine optimisation and the challenges of how companies can gain visibility.

Kate Sharp


Photography & Fashion

After leaving school, I picked up a camera, pursued a curiosity and in that time I have photographed hundreds of women from every walk of life imaginable, each with their own story to tell. I love the transformation of a woman from when she walks into the studio without any makeup, watching the self-confidence grow throughout the shoot and to the moment she finally gets to see her images printed and framed.